Back then

Posted 12 January, 2012 by outsidethedarkroom
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In a way reading old posts is like  a time machine.You remember how you felt, and also how people felt about you.


Looking back, I could see clearly things that, maybe, were not so conscious back then, but now are. It’s also amazing how some things said about me were so wrong and yet they could keep me wondering (back then). Fortunately, I got rid of anchors and cages. I’m light and free!

However, it makes me think about some old beliefs. I’ve never liked to say certain things in the heat of the moment. After all, what is said this way tend to be too blunt and may hurt people. The problems is that once thoughts are kept to oneself, they may remain like that, and you’ll have to live with that for long, until the time comes and the memories are gone. Back then, I did it many times, and in most of cases I didn’t have the chance to say things again. For a while I wished I could say (or could have said) some of them. Fortunately, those things are past and don’t need to be said anymore (even though some people might deserve it).


– Some things should not be taken into account and some opinions should be deliberately ignored.

– Some things must be said, even in the heat of moment, even if they’re likely to be tough, because once the moment is past, you won’t have another opportunity to get  it off your chest.

Light and free, because now is different from back then.



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Another intense and happy year has just come to its end.

And what does 2012 hold for us? Some say it’s the end of times. Well, who knows? And, in fact, does it really matter? I’d say that what does matter is to keep living the best way possible. And this is my plan for 2012, have another intense and happy year!

As for the omen that came to me this December, I guess 2012 is bound to be another great year!

So let it come!

Apparently there's another great year coming!

Life’s perfect

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Circumstances teach us from early age that life’s definitely not easy. That’s a fact. Besides that, nothing is perfect and excessive flawlessness is not fun at all.

Upon reflection, I came to think that problems shouldn’t guide our existence. We shouldn’t live our lives thinking about its tiny imperfections.

It all comes down to the way we look at life. If you see life through the right angle it can be perfect despite its glitches.

Simply perfect (despite the glitches)


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What can I say about 2010?

Well, I have lived some great years, but this one was something else!

I can’t say it was the best year of my life, ’cause I could be terribly unfair, but from my recollection it is definitely in the top 3. Specially considering the previous years.

2010 was a year of accomplishment, achievement, challenges overcome…. it was a year of intense LIFE! I went on a cruise, finally visited Europe, bought my own home (my precious kkk), moved, had great results at work, great results in my personal life, got rewarded for my hard work, went to lots of wonderful concerts (I guess the average would be 1 concert per month), shared with people who really deserve it, helped, got help, rediscovered lots of things, established new and (apparently) long-lasting bounds .

In other words, I lived intensely and happily.

Of course, it wasn’t all a bed of roses, but where would be the fun of a life without challenges and obstacles to be overcome? Besides that, what we see in life depends on our perspective and mine seems to be extremely optimistic!

And as it is said in Scorpions’ song: “The best is yet to come”

Shall 2011 be even better to everyone!


And in 2011, I'll be there again! \o/


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It may not be comfortable to stay in a cocoon. It seems that you don’t have to move or to even breathe.

However, the result of such process is definitely worthwhile. Life seems to restart. Things start to move. You control your life once again.Add an Image

And nothing is better than these. It doesn’t matter how good the cocoon seemed to be at that time.

Spread your wings! \o/

Bridge: the old and the new

Posted 29 January, 2010 by outsidethedarkroom
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To build or to burn bridges: that’s the question.

But then, what’s the answer? Maybe it lies in both options. After all, some bridges need to be burned, while others urge to be built.

In this case there’s a shift in the query. It’s not what to do anymore. It’s rather which to build, which to burn, which to  strengthen and which to keep.

Fortunately, I know what to do with each one of my bridges. And you?

More dancing lights!

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Some nice things may come out of the blue. Or perhaps from something that was at first considered misfortuned.

So, why not give chance a chance?

Imaginations on fire!